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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Race Report - 2009 Gwinnet Bike Fest Georgi

This from Claudio about some fast bike racing in Georgia by ZMotion...

Tiago Depaula Took part of the 2009 Gwinnett Bike Fest Race in Georgia.

Stage 1 - July 22 Road Atlanta Circuit Rolling/Hilly 2.5 miles laps(50 miles)

This first race was to settle in and see who is who in the peloton. Tiago found himself racing against top Pro teams such as Type 1 Team, Rock Racing, Kenda Pro Team, FLY V Australia,etc...At the start he followed a lot of breaks trying to participate in as many as posible. Halfway into the race he was in a break with the major pro team represented and he began to work really hard to make it stick. The peloton was able to bring them back. As that happened there was a break of 11 and without any teamates Tiago was forced to sit and wait to see if the would bring them back. With one lap to go he attacked and was able to hold off the field to finish 12th between the break and the chasing peloton..

Stage 2 - July 23 Gwinnett Center Criterium Flat 1 mile(CRIT race,90min)

This was a 1 mile flat criterium that was fast from the start. Tiago was forced to race aggressively and continuesly attacking the peloton. A break of 7 formed with Tiago, A Kenda Pro rider and 2 others chasing the original break.Tiago was not able to follow all the moves and the fact that the local riders know him made it dificult to make the final break finishing in 9th place for the day.

Stage 3 - Road July 24 New Hope Road Road Race Rolling 8.5 miles per lap race (85miles)

This race proved to be a very hot and dificult race to participate in. There was a very steep hill and the riders were continuesly attacking.A break of 6 managed to get away from the peloton which did not have much organization to chase them down. The field was racing for 7th place with 2k to go Cesar Grajales(Rock Racing, (winner of tour the Georgia stage and beat Lance on the climb to Brasstown Bald),Benjamin Day Fly V australia(former national champion from Australia) ,Matt Winstead Pro team Kenda lead the charge up the hill.As soon as he felt them slow down he attecked and only one rider from the field was able to come around him at the line to finish second in the field sprint and 8th in the race.

Stage 4 - July 25 Satelitte Rd. Time Trial Time Trial Rolling 6 miles

The Time Trial was going to be a good way for Tiago to get some points back for the General Classification.
With his legs still feeling tired from the day before he knew he had to dig deep to compete against the riders from Rock Racing, Jelly belly, Fly V Australia, Kenda Pro, Team,Team Type 1,all UCI Pro Teams . With all the pro teams represented the time trial was of national level and Tiago was able to finish a strong 7th place.

Stage 5 - July 25 Norcross Criterium Flat 1 mile

Todays course was a flat 1 mile very technical Criterium. Riders with great ability and power off the corners were the ones that would exel in todays event.Tiago tried to position himself in the top front of the field because right from the start it would be Fly V australia trying to control the field and other teams trying to attack. The first 10 laps was single file racing and Tiago was waiting for the split to happen and it did. A group of ten riders was able to break away and Tiago was able to make the break and lap the field. Towards the end 2 pro riders were able to get a gap with Tiago sprinting in the field to get 5th in the field sprint and 8 in the day maintaining a top 10 in the gc.

Stage 6 - July 26 Progress Center Circuit Rolling 2.7 miles

With all the riders tired from the days before it was Fly V trying to control the race again. Tiago was trying to break away but since he was in the top 10th in the GC and a had chance to step on the podium he was chased every time. He followed all the dangerous moves but none stuck. At the end he managed to get in the lead out train from Fly V Australia and finish 9th in the day and 7th overall in the Gwinett Bike Fest 2009.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Race Report - VIVACE Criterium

This in from Claudio.. Congrats Winston!!!

Winston David Represented Zmotion Racing in Riverviw, FL Saturday July 18th, 2009. He attended the VIVACE Criterium Pro1-2 Race which was held in a technical .5 mile criterium course in a mall parking lot. The race was 60 minutes long and Winston attacked right from the start of the event and was able to lap the field solo. A few other riders later were able to do the same but Winston was able to stay near the front to avoid the numerous crashes of the event. With 2 laps to go Winston attacked going into the first corner and was able to maintain the gap to sprint solo to the line and not only win the event but also a New Colnago CX-1 frame.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Race Results - Superweek #2

Claudio is doing a great job of keeping us in the loop and the ZMotion guys are doing a great job REPRESENTING!!!

Arlington Heights, IL -- July 14, 2009
Pro & Cat 1/2 Men

Zmotion Racing Pro1-2 team attended the Arlington Heights Criterium, Tuesday July 14th 2009. After a rest day yesterday Hector Pastorino, Juan Gaspari, and Calixto Bello were joined by our newest member Tiago Depaula. The Criterium was held in an 8 corner .7 mile course that was so easy that it made for an extremely hard race. Juan and Hector were able to get in a 10 man break with all the major pro teams being represented with Calixto and Tiago blocking and chasing breaks in the peloton. When they thought the break would stick the peloton brought it back allowing 4 riders to break away and stay away till the finish. Hector was able to finish 14th, Calixto 21th and Juan 39th in another race that was single file from the start to the finish.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Race Results - Superweek

Claudio gave me an update how the ZMotion Pro 1,2 guys are doing in Superweek in Illinois....

On Friday (July 10th), the Pro 1-2 team which consisted of Juan Gaspari, Hector Pastorino, and Calixto Bello, raced the first race of the superweek series in Beverly Hills Cycling Classic presented by Vee Pak/Beverly Bike & Ski. The race started at 5:45 PM, with top teams such as GARMIN SLIPSTREAM PRO-TOUR, Fly V Australia Pro Cycling, and Kenda Pro Cycling. The course was a 1 mile six corner crit course that started with attacks. Hector managed to get into a break that lapped the field, after lapping the field a few riders managed to get of the front and Hector remained in the peloton as the race finalized, He managed to outsprint the peloton for an 11th palce finish with Juan finishing 23rd.

Saturday (July 11th)
Pro 1-2 Juan Gaspari, Hector Pastorino, and Calixto Bello raced in Blue Island, Illinois. This race was on a 1 mile 4 corner criterium course, Juan and Hector managed to take several Primes throughout the race including the Gamblers prime of the event. On the last lap Jaun and Hector were perfectly placed for the sprint when on the second to last corner were cut off and forced them to scramble back towards the front of the peloton, Juan got boxed in on the last corner not allowing him to pass riders and Hector not willing to give up managed to finish 6th with Juan in 10th and Calixto finishing in the peloton.

Junior (north Carolina Update)
We also have a new Junior, Cirilo Bencosme(16 years old) current Florida Point leader junior 15-16, that joined Zmotion recently and on his first race representing the Zmotion Racing raced in North Carolina, The Piedmont Triad Omnium , After falling due to 2 riders crashing in front of him, he chased many breakaways, until 2 riders managed to get a gap. The 2 riders were about 100 meters in front of the peloton and Cirilo was waiting for the riders to get caught. The riders managed to stay away with Cirilo outsprinting the field and taking the final podium spot to put Zmotion in the 3rd place step in North Carolina.