2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bicycle Safety

This is what remains of Craig “Cannonball’s” bike after being struck by a car on a Thursday morning while riding on State Road 84 east of Markham Park. The driver of the vehicle never even stopped! For several days Craig had been in ICU at Broward General and is now in a regular room. He suffered a punctured lung, cracked vertebra, severe road rash (will require skin grafts) and numerous cuts & abrasions. He is in a lot of pain but is physically strong and determined to heal quickly.
Despite the new Florida law requiring motor vehicles to leave a three foot buffer/gap when overtaking cyclists; Craig’s unfortunate incident highlights the inherent dangers cyclist’s face when they take to the roads. We have all experienced cars, trucks and vans whizzing by way too close. Hopefully law enforcement will do more to enforce the law, but until then please remember to use commonsense and review the following bicycle safety suggestions.


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