2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

State Criterium Weekend: zGirls Blog

Ashley DiVeronica reports on racing from the woman's perspective...

The women’s Cat 1-3, 4 race proved to be an exciting and intense one as it’s by far the most girls we have raced at one time this season. From the start of Saturday’s race it was clearly going to be Shannon’s weekend. With new flashy green tires, she rode her heart out and was the only zGirl to finish with the main field which consisted of mostly Cat 1-3 girls. She finished in an amazing third place. Lisa, Emily, Joleen and myself all raced as well and put up a tough fight.

Sunday the pressure was on… cue dramatic music… State Championships. The day was another Green Machine (aka Shannon) day. The zGirls all rode awesome but it was Shannon who took another top 3 finish, woot woot! So we officially have the third best woman rider in Florida. We are SO proud!! Before the race, I told Shannon I wanted a repeat performance from Saturday and that is exactly what she did. Again, she held on to finish in the main field. Only a small break of 3 got off the front during the race. Lisa finished 6th , Emily 14th (in W1-3)and I ended up at 10th. With the points from the weekend, Shannon has moved to 7th in the FPS, Lisa moved to 11th and I moved to 13th for Cat 4. Emily stands at 22 in W1-3. Watch out Florida… zGirls on the rise.

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