2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ZMotion FPS Celbration

After a hard day of racing it was time for the celebration of the season’s efforts. Sponsored by ZMotion at The Appleton Museum of Art, it was a classy affair. There were security guards a plenty, but that still didn’t stop us for viewing some really neat art including some tricked out Chopper-style motorcycles. Dinner was provided between 7 and 8pm where there was a video playing with scenes from the years races and then awards were passed out from 8pm to around 9:30pm.

With over 400 trophies to pass out, Tim did a great job keeping the pace going. We even had two lovely podium girls to help pass out trophies. The venue itself was beautiful, set in the middle of an Art Museum, with a fountain in the middle. It was cool seeing all of these racers’s that you normally see in spandex all dressed up. The women especially clean up nicely.

Course even the women couldn't compete with Jeff's pimped out hat.

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Robyn said...

pssst... guys, fix the typo in the heading! had the best time at tyhe event, loved the video. if you want podium photos of billy tittle, Masters 55+, i have some in my archives. and that poster, it is GREAT!