2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death Ride 2000

Saturday's ride can only be described as a "Death Ride" as an extremely windy day was combined with Victor motor-pacing us on the moped. I personally missed part of the ride, but everyone I talked to said that this was one of the hardest rides yet. On the way back the group just shattered and there was a "grupetto" of around 15 or so that finished with the moped. It was hard to get an echelon (diagonal line of riders) going and with that side wind, being in the gutter was painful as you didn't get as strong a draft.

We were welcomed back to The Cove with the typical awesome spread so graciously provided by the ZMotion team. People were quieter (and hungrier) than usual and the kitchen staff had to go back to refill the buffet line several times. I even snagged this photo of Victor who seemed to be really enjoying his meal.

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Joel said...

Tell Victor he better be careful, riding that scooter and consuming food like a garbage disposal he's going to put in the cat 2 Clydesdale division.