2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ZMotion Masters Team Training - 12/24/08

It's 6am on a Wednesday morning with overcast sky and winds of 15+ mph and the ZMotion Masters Racing team not only looks like a team but is training like one also.  This morning we had at least 16 guys decked out in the new racing kits working on pacelines up and down A1A.   We only lacked for the presence of our sprinter Vinny.

After a short warm-up we started out with a double paceline with each pair pulling for around a minute cruising at 26mph and above.   We turned around at the bridge before Palmetto and started our single pacelines trying for smooth pulling through while pulling into the wind.   We got a little disorganized as the pace moved upwards of 30mph but learning is part of why we were doing this.   We did a couple of more of these pacelines and the last one had us doing a simulated lead-out.

If we can translate this training to actual racing and form a ZMotion "train" at the end of a race, then the sky is the limit...

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Vinnie who?