2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Monday, April 6, 2009

Race Report - Update on Brian Piccolo

Max Thilen emailed me an update to the BP Race. I have posed it here. Thanks Max and congrats on a good placing!!

I saw the disclaimer and in case you wanted to write about the juniors races they were pretty eventful. In the 13-14 race at Brian Piccolo a kid from the Bahamas broke away from the start and stayed away the whole race. There was a sprint for second, I started sprinting a second late and I almost passed the other racer but the line came to soon and I got 3rd by less than a bike length. In 15-16 one of the zmotion riders I think his name is David was destroying the field in the last few laps but didn't have enough energy for the sprint and got something around fifth. Richard placed I think somewhere between 10th and 17th. I don't know much about the 15-16's on the second day. The juniors had to restart because they stopped our race because someone almost had a heart-attack. In my race, 13-14's the first time I was doing great drafting off a good kid in my category who was really tired. When they restarted, I lost my energy and he got a second wind. So he got a big lead on me. Towards the end I started going really fast and I passed a few 15-16's, I saw about 5 kids or so at the top of the finish line climb and I was closing in on them. Then towards the top of the climb I shifted to the little ring without thinking and my chain fell off. Two guys came to help and it took them a long time. I tried to chase but had lost too much time. I ended up getting a third place.


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