2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Race Report - Clermont Circuit Race

Todays race course was a curvey 2+ mile circuit race that was the site for a showdown between Zmotion and Florida Velo in the 45+. FV had three guys in GC potential but we had Steve G who was leading the GC.

The race was marked by a series of attacks but the entire team worked flawlessly together to cover them. Raife and Mark were on dedicated chase duty and the entire team was constantly up front so that Steve could ride as a protected rider. The 55+ raced with us also so Billy was also able to lend a hand.

The race came down to the desired field sprint with Chuck Lisa launching himself onto the podium with second place. Steve came in soon after surounded by z-guys to win the overall GC.

Billy also rode a perfect race to get sixth on the stage and 3rd overall in GC.

Julio had help today in 35+ with Chris and Joe helping out. Julio covered Vance several times but missed the decisive break. Chris covered the break and did everything he could to shut it down. With three laps to go, Julio launched a solo chase and was able to recover some of the time lost but his 6th place still put him in second overall in the GC. Up in the break Chris launched a great sprint and was second by just 1/10 of a second.

Lisa Frink really outdid herself this weekend by getting 3rd in her race and 2nd overall in GC. Way to go.

In the Pro 1,2's instead of doing the circuit race that everyone else did, they did a BRUTAL 80 mile loop. Normally most road races go multiple times around a 10-15 mile loop, but this was a FPS first having a single loop. They did it at the hottest part of the day and everyone was suffering but even with the constant rolling hills they finished in under 3 and 1/2 hours. The race itself was really exciting. Calixto attacked right after the first KOM and had two riders chase him down. After Calixto was caught, they joined forces and managed to get a respectable gap on the field. Calixto was able to drop the two riders and was able to get a gap of 6 minutes on the field riding solo. He was on his own for over 60 miles. In the meantime Hector,Juan, Victor, and Flaco covered the attacks while Mariano and Winston kept coming back to the Team car to get food and drinks for the team. They did numerous trips back making sure that everyone was well hydrated. After a heroic effort, Calixto was caught with only 10 miles to go. After several attacks from the remaining riders the peloton was reduced to about 12 riders with Zmotion having 3 riders in the group. At that point two riders attacked and were able to get a gap on the reduced peleton when Juan went after them and started closing the gap. A solo rider was able to reach Juan and they tried working together to catch the two leaders. Both riders in the lead finished solo with Juan outsprinting the rider that had bridged up for 3rd place, Hector fininshed in 6th outsprinting the field. With Victor finishing in 12th and Flaco in 19th.

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