2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Race Report - Tradewinds - June 16th

I can tell you that Tradewinds wasn't this fast or strategic last year. The bar has definitely been raised and tonight was no exception. The evening started with lots of rain and we were not even sure if we would start due to the lightning, but 6:15 and we were off.

Tonight was a special race since this was the last race in the first "series" for Tradewinds and Grant sat in 1st, Vinny was 2nd and Joe Vietro was in 3rd. An early break stayed away and a few people managed to bridge up to swell the group to 10 people. Joe slipped into this break while Grant was focusing on Vinny. Despite several super hard pulls by Grant, the break-away stuck with Raife, Karl, Chuck and Joe representing. Coming into the final laps, two riders were off the front and Chuck drilled it to pull them back. In the final sprint Chuck came in 2nd with Joe close on his wheel for 3rd which was enough to launch him into 2nd overall in the series with Vinny still on the podium with 3rd. Captain Jeff rode his typical amazing race to sneak away with less than two laps to go to come in next and Vinny ended up winning the field sprint.

Once again, ZMotion rocked!!!

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