2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Monday, September 14, 2009

Race Report - Gainsville Mtn Bike

ZMotion is all pervasive, first it was Charity Rides, then it was a Road racing team, and now they have branched out to include a 6 person mountain bike racing team headed by Joe Vietro. They had their first Florida State race this weekend up North in Gainsville and Joe provided me with his first ever race report with pictures from Joel. BTW, Joe and Joel are best buddies but you can never tell by listening to them since they sound like an old married couple when they get together..

From Joe:

The Forida State Mountain Bike Series got under way this weekend in Gainsiville. There was a 4 mile MTB Time Trial on Saturday with a Cross Country race on Sunday with ZMotion fielding 6 racers (really 5 and then there was Joel, just kidding).

In Saturdays TT race Jimbo McGuire took first place in his class, Stephen Larue took third, and Joe Vietro also took third in his class . On Sunday, with conditions wet and muddy, Jimbo again took first place, Steve also got first in a very competative 40+ expert class, Oscar Camcacho took 7th in 40+,and Joe got 7th in 30+ expert. Oh yah and then there was Joel who finished up around 10th in the beginner class.

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