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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Race Report - Tour of Bartow

This in from Claudio on Pro,1,2 race at Bartow...

Saturday night Twilight Crit was a four corner race in the downtown of Bartow. In typical night racing fashion the race started it what seemed like amazing speeds. The field was strung out from the start with our Zmotion Pro1-2 Riders, Hector Pastorino,Chris Deluise,Calixto Bello and Juan Gaspari representing every move. Several moves had the right riders in them but were quickly brought back until Hector was able to get in a move with two other riders that was maintaining a 20 second lead on the peloton. The laps went by in this 60 minute plus 2 lap crit and we were going to see the 3 battle it out in a sprint. On the last lap the leader started playing games in the back stretch and as they came into the final straight away the field was touching their heals. Hector was able to hold on to second place as they came accross the line. Juan finished in 6th, Calixto 9th, and Chris 26th, all in the points due to the fact that this was a Florida Cup event and provided points for the Florida Points series 35 deep.

On Sunday the race would be in the same place except that the course would be an eight corner crit with the same finish line. Riders took off and again attempts to get away were covered by Zmotion Pro1-2 until Juan was able to get a gap with another rider. They started to work together and with Calixto and Chris covering moves in the peloton were able to extend their lead. As the laps went on the Juan and Yip were able to lap the field. with about 5 laps to go Calixto attacked the peloton to create a gap of 10 seconds. With one lap to go it was holding at 8 seconds and the field would have to sprint for 4th place, as they rounded the last turn Calixto was stillholding the gap and came accross the line in 3rd place with Juan taking the Win in the field. Hector finished 17th an Chris 20th after closing some huge gaps and chasing breaks all race long.

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