2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Race Report - Dade City Crit

Just like the San Antonio RR this race was Hard! This is a very technical course with 6 turns, cobbles and a small hill.

The Master's 45+ started crazy fast and strung the field out for lap after lap. Zmotion was represented by Raife, Mark and Tim. Mark attemped to be in a series of (ultimately futile) breaks. With 4 laps to go Tim took a flyer that was reeled in and the race ended in a field sprint.

The Master's 35+ showcased our best teamwork to date. The race was also strung out from the gun. Julio was involved in some early race breakaways and snagged one of the two available primes. Jody was chasing lots of breaks. Pedro then got in a breakaway with Adam Baskin while Chris acted as the "rolling wall" letting them stay away for countless laps. Finally with just four laps to go their break was reeled in. Then continuing the Zmotion assault, Julio (now pronounced jewel-ee-o) launched what looked like the winning move, but he was going sooo fast he cooked the second to last turn and crashed. Then plan B took over and Jeff continued to show why he is the Captain as he drag raced Phil Eliot and came in second by mere inches. Chris then came in 9th to cap a great day of racing.

The Pro 1,2 race, as always, was raced at lightning speed and by the finish the field was probably half of it's original size, but ZMotion still had a strong presence at the end. As you can see by the pictures, ZMotion had no problems riding at the front of this fast field.

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