2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Race Report - Lake Mary Crit

Talk about large fields... Both of the Master's fields had 60-70 racers on the start line and the Pro 1,2 field was close to 90 racers. The race course itself was pretty mild after the last few technical races we have had, and almost every race ended in a field sprint. The final sprint is LOOONG and fast and some people were hitting almost 40 mph. Talk about rocket boots.

ZMotion had representation in almost every category and even had people race on Sunday that didn't race on Saturday. The day was cool but clear and a good time was had by all. A big shout out to Hector for finishing 4th in a very fast Pro 1,2 finish.

A summary of our Top 20 placings include:

Cat-5 35+ - Brad in 3rd, Mark in 9th, Randy in 13th, Chris Le. in 16th
Cat-5 U35 – Adam in 4th, Chris La. in 10th
Cat 4 - Joe in 5th, Chris in 8th, Shaun in 9th, Alex Y in 16th
Cat 3 - Patrick in 10th, Karl in 14th
35+ - Julio in 10th, Chris in 13th, Joe in 16th
45+ - Shaun in 8th, Raife in 12th, Chuck in 13th
Pro 1,2 - Hector in 4th, Flaco in 17th
Women 4 - Shannon in 6th

We have a few weekends till our next FPS race, but anybody that feels the need for speed can race at Rosewood on March 8th.

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