2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Race Report - Deland Road Race

Another great day of racing for ZMotion in Deland. The Masters team combined forces to field 17 guys in the 35+ race. We raced the seven mile loop eight times and for over five of those laps had total coverage of every single break. Karl spent almost two laps solo off the front between laps three and four.

Then we saw a break form with 11 people and 5 of them some of our ZMotion strongmen. We immediately got up front and totally shut down any attempt to bridge up. Special props go out to Raife as he was constantly blocking.

Up in the break ZMotion was doing the lions share of the work. On the final lap Julio took a flyer but with a guy on his wheel he sacrificed for the team and shut it down. Then Jeff grabbed some wheels and when he went around he never looked back to get win number two.

Julio was temporarily boxed in but got out in time to snag 3rd with Amir, Chuck and Shaun coming in 5th, 6th and 7th. Another Masters domination.

The Pro 1,2 race was again blazing fast with a race length of 63 miles and a decisive late break that stuck. Flaco was involved in some breaks and race rumos said that Wayne, Tiago and Chris all did some good work out there.

This just in from Randy on the Cat 5 race...

Wanted to give you an update of what happened in the Cat 5 - 35+ race. I left with a second breakaway group with 2 other riders (G2 & Orlando something) and we tried to catch the first first breakaway group of 3. We worked well and held off everyone else but were not able to catch them. At 200 meters I took of and sprinted for 4th. But alas it wasn't to be. Unknown to most of us, 2 riders has snuck out early and stayed away for 1st and 2nd so my wonderful sprint only netted me 6th. Next time.

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