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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lay It Down For Leon

This from Pat regarding the tragic death of Leon Hamer.

A marketers POV: Ok, so how do we get people’s attention, how do we make some noise ( quietly ), how do we get some free news press, how do we protest this behavior , how do we get the attention of our representatives, how do we utilize Leon’s tragedy to bring about some change to a sport he obviously had a passion for. Publicity , legally that makes a statement and has relevance, take a moment and visualize this … In Honor of Leon, we organize not a ride of silence but a protest that makes loud noise , imagine hundreds of cyclist on a Saturday morning that line A1A and lay down their bikes, “ Laying it down for Leon” ….. that’s right, from Ft Lauderdale to WPB, hundreds of cyclist for a few hours will lay down their bikes on the side of the road and we will waive signs at motorist that pass us by , we will have the “ LAWS “, deadly and accidental facts written on them, we will all wear fake blood on our arms, faces and legs to demonstrate what a cyclist hit by a car would look like, let them see the brutality of what being hit by a mirror actually can do to a human being. Bring our wives and children to show that we are family people too !!!!! This dramatization will be filmed and a copy of this act will be sent to Tallahassee demanding more to be done in terms of Infrastructure and education.

In addition, we have a PR firm in Tallassee that I am going to approach about doing the same “ Lay It Down For Leon “ there around the Capital Building. From this, my hope and goal will be to get a face to face with our Governor and/or other representatives so they can feel our pain and passion . I want to demand that we get some monies allocated to TV advertising for education and infrastructure support. I would also push that in order to get a driver’s license, in the test they not only have to know traffic signs and laws , but, interaction with cyclist laws as well.

There you have my idea. Thoughts, comments, other ideas….


Gayle Reed said...

This is a brilliant way to gain attention of the media and the powers that can change the laws to require more education about how cyclists and automobiles interact. I am ready wiling and able to participate, help organize, spread the word and support Lay It Down For Leon. I personally have been hit by cars twice and agree that more attention needs to be paid to the hideous damage an unaware driver can cause. Please contact me and let me know what you need in the way of assistance.
Gayle Reed
gayle@dockwise-yt.com or gaylereed@aol.com
Cell 720 -232 7676
Home 954 966 6283

zeus said...

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.