2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Thursday, January 8, 2009

25 Reasons Vinny needed to show up

Prior to our Master's Team training ride this morning there was an absolute avalanche of emails (around 70) concerning the ride. I was starting to think that I was riding with a bunch of chatty junior high girls. Over half of them had to do with bets about Vinny showing up at 6am on Thur for the ride and what his "punishment" should be if he didn't show. This is a slightly edited list but still conveys the point. We sure do have an "interesting" race team!!

If Vinny didn't show he needs to:

  1. Serve everyone breakfast on Saturday

  2. Wash everyone’s bike before every race

  3. Fix every flat tire on every ride

  4. Shave your head like Alex

  5. Treat Flaco nice for two weeks…

  6. Ok one week…

  7. Make that a day!!

  8. Pull China Doll for 10 miles

  9. Ride behind Mark Hewitt for 10 miles…

  10. Ok, 5 miles…

  11. Second thought 1 mile!!!

  12. Adjust Scott Chiacks bike when needed

  13. Wear Kroupa’s Knee High’s

  14. Feed Alan B lox for a month

  15. Sleep with Ira on a road trip

  16. Chase down all breaks in the first 3 races

  17. Respond to just one email

  18. Not say a word for an entire group ride… impossible

  19. Be nice to Shaun for a day!

  20. If he doesn’t win the first 35+ field sprint, he has to start with #1 on the list and go thru all again…

  21. Sell us bike parts for cost

  22. (Oh, he all ready does...)

  23. Give us all 20% discounts a the shop

  24. Make that 40%, because the 20% he says he already gives us is really 0%!!!

  25. Answer his cell when people call

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