2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Friday, January 16, 2009

Masters Keys Training Camp - Day One

Well, for anyone that missed it (you know who you are), a good time was had by the rest of us. Day 0 (Thur Night) started with a nice dinner at the Lazy Days restaurant in Island Morada with Jeff, Julio, Chuck, Mark and Dave in attendence. Then a short drive later, we crashed at Jeff's cool Keys pad.

Day 1 started around 8am (soooo nice to sleep in) with the five of us hitting the road around 9am. We headed north on US1 and wow, what beautiful views. After around 2 hours of easy pedaling we had to stop for some kick-butt Cuban espresso and my day was complete. We went north for a little longer, then with a small tailwind started crusing south at a nice clip. We stopped for lunch at a quaint little Cafe before the final few miles.

After getting back, some of us (yes, I mean me) had to get our little nap before we decided to take the boat out. Over by the dock we saw this Manatee and Jeff "fed" it some fresh water from a hose.

We then took a beautful cruise flying through the mangroves and looped out ocean-side to come back in the other end. Of course we had to have a little drama, with Jeff shearing off his antenna as we tried to sneak under a short bridge.

So to finish a great day, Jeff decided to cook for us and we picked up some CRAZY BIG steaks and even made some salad as our attempt at eating healthly. As of this writing, I cannot tell if they are any good or if Jeff really has the skills. Only time will tell..

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