2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Safety First

We all enjoy the feeling of cruising in a long fast paceline, but that sickening crunch you hear when someone crashing just turns your stomach. No matter how talented the riders, then an accident is always possible. Here is a picture yesterday at the scene where even experienced riders like Chris and Jody can take a spill (luckily with no major damage) if the circumstances are such.

Please always be careful in any size group and use a combination of hand signals and verbal communication to prevent issues. Pat mentioned this morning that he has someone working on a pamphlet on hand signals that we can use to promote this most important communication.

We have also been experiencing a series of tickets (I got one) and some very upset police officers up and down A1A. To resolve that, we need to focus on two things: Never ride more than two side by side and stop at all lights and stop signs.

We are having a great time together on Team ZMotion, so lets be accident and ticket free.


Joel said...

Mark, relax don't hit your brakes, just kidding

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't cross the yellow line or run stop signs and you won't be hassled by the man or need to apologize with a tear in your eye. But hey, you know that, don't you?