2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Race Report - Brian Piccolo #1

I got intel and pictures from my onsite race reporters Raife and Joel about this weekends exciting first race of the season. Even though it was "only" a training race, ZMotion was there to help spool it up.

From Raife,

Good racing on Sunday...

In the 40+ it was just Jody and me and Jody still managed a 5th place. We should do well when the team shows up in strength.

In the 1-2-3, Vinny managed a 5th place. I think Jody was his only help...again...the team should do well...

The 4-5 race was a lot of fun. Pretty decent finish considering we're just a bunch of guys that ride together on weekends. If we continue to race in that category, I suggest at least a team meeting before the race. With a little organization, these races will be more fun for everyone and we should own the podium.

Congrats to us!!!

Kristen, Gina, Dana and the rest of you that showed up for support...Thanks for that...We love you...


From Joel,

Myself, Raife and Chris were out front most of the race and I felt good the entire race. With one lap to go, I was on the left turn before the straight away up in the top 5 or so just taking a breather to get ready for the last lap to sprint. Then a couple of guys swung wide right in front of me and it was either let them run into me and have a massive wreck or ride off the shoulder. I was lucky to keep the bike straight and it was tough to try and get over the lip from the grass back onto the pavement and I barely avoided going down. For the 1st race for Category 4 it was very competetive and averaged 24.2 mph.

Well there you have it..

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Joel said...

The new guys in their first race, Randy Jacques and Adam Meyer did well also, good things to come.