2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Monday, January 26, 2009

Race Report - Brian Piccolo #2

ZMotion is in the house!!! Wow, what an awesome turn out and a really fun day. This is what racing is truly about, a bunch of people who love the sport, enjoy being together and a really fast set of races.

A special thanks to Joel for bringing and setting up the tents. Of course, ZMotion did things in typical grand style with energy bars, bananas and drinks on hand. We also had these folding chairs that said "ZMotion Racing", how cool is that? As far as race support, this is the best I have ever had!!

Now onto the racing. There were 4 different races and we had a big presence in each of the 40+, 50+, Pro 1,2,3 and Cat 4,5 races.

ZMotion raced the 40+ very tactically, as we had coverage in all of the breaks. Around the half-way point a break formed that had both Jeff and Jody in it along with 6 other riders. This looked like a perfect break, so ZMotion (temporarily) teamed up with Herbal Life to "Shut it down". We sat up front and basically let the other guys stay away. Up at the front, Jody did a lot of work to keep the break going and pulled Jeff up until the 2nd to last turn. Jeff hit the gas to come in a very respectable 3rd.

The 50+ race was very fun to watch and we even got to see Pat dragging the whole field behind him. The Pro 1,2,3 was definately faster than the 40+ and had numerous attacks and pain for all involved. Our very own Wayne Burgess emerged from the pack at the end to snag a 4th place, congrats!! We finished it off with the Cat 4,5 race where we got to see our local strongman Chris single handedly bring back the most dangerous break of the day.

Here are the "Numbers":

Masters 40+ - Jeff Fleming in 3rd (I believe that Jody was 9th, Chuck 10th, Shaun 11th and Mark 13th)
Masters 50+ - Billy Tittle in 7th, Pat Patregini in 8th
Pro 1,2,3 - Wayne Burgess in 4th, Shaun Redman in 9th, Charles Lisa in 10th
Cat 4,5 - Joe Vietro in 10th

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