2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ZMotion Masters Team Training - 01/15/09

It was that time of the week again, time to get up before what is normally sane (say 4:30am), time to brave the dark and cold (~50degrees), time to HURT. Yes, I am referring to the weekly Masters Team Training ride where we had a starting group of 16+ people, but we sure didn't finish with that many.

We started with our typical double paceline warm-up at A1A/South Atlantic at 6am, but this time we kept it going till almost Linton and it got faster and faster. We tried some new training methods today (compliments of Jody) and of course, the first couple of tries were not very pretty as people were blown off the back and our nice clean paceline broke to pieces.

We finally regrouped as a team at Linton and had a team talk and our next effort went sooooo much more smoothly. That is the best part about this team is their ability to work together and learn, which is certainly a major ingredient for success.

Today we practiced a "Surge" interval which is intended to help us stay together when the pace changes and replicates what it’s like to control a race. What we did was to get a smooth fast single paceline going and after three full rotations at "base" pace (a brisk 26+mph), someone attacks (Steve G was our guy) and our job was to follow and then maintain the surge effort for just one full rotation of the group. Then when the attacker got back to the front he would back off down to the base effort for 3 rotations again. What we did today was a 3-base: 1-surge effort.

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