2008 Zimmerman MS Bike Ride

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Masters Keys Training Camp - Day Two

Well, the consensus is in, Jeff really can cook. We also had to give Dave some grief because he couldn't fathom how Jeff managed such a yummy salad with such few ingredients. The biggest travesty of the evening was what Julio made Jeff do the steak. While the rest of us like our meat nice and rare, Jeff had to kill that steak deader than dead before Julio would touch it.

So back to riding.. The plan for the day was to head to Key West for the Seafood Festival which was a 75+ mile ride one-way, so I took the ZMotion Van down and then rode north until I met the guys. We had a new addition as Tim showed also and when I saw them they were cruising 25-26mph in yet another smooth paceline (go team!!). A recap afterwards tells the real story with Chuck blowing things up on 7-mile bridge and Jeff panting on his wheel leaving the other three out in no-mans land. I even heard rumors of cell phone calls asking Chuck to slow down. The ride rolled into Key West with Jeff snagging a tow from a dump truck, so he he won a dubious "victory".

Now onto the good stuff, the food!! Julio peeled off the group in search of the "perfect hamburger" (are you kidding me?) while the rest of us feasted on Lobster, Shrimp, Conch Salad, Stone Crab with rice and beans. Wishing you were here...

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